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4 Must-Have High Street Sunglasses

Sunglasses are no longer worn just when the sun shines, they are now a fashion statement that can totally transform your look. There`s a style for every mood and every situation you might find yourself in. The absolutely fabulous looks that you`ll find simply irresistible can be found in several popular brands. We`re going to be talking about four of them.

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Biba- This recently relaunched label is well known for its metal logo and big, flashy frames that take us back to the glorious glamour of the seventies. Their Ted Baker line offers an oval shaped lense in full rim plastic frames that have skull temples to give a custom fit for each person. They feature the signature metal logo plaque on the temple in colors that vary from black to purple to tortoiseshell. Their Bianea line has very stylish frames with lense that are a mesmerizing shade of chestnut fading into peach.

Asos- This brand offers a wide range of styles, from the latest new trends to unique and vintage sunglasses. The Flat Top Cat Eye sunglasses have leopard print frames. The Clubmaster is especially sheek with its tortoiseshell frames. The Wildfox Bel Air has round lens, as do the Twiggy Deluxe Round Sunglasses and the Le Specs Chesire Round Sunglasses. Then there is the Cat Eye that sports a metal nose bridge, the Silver Aviator with mirrored lense and the Plastic Aviator with colored mirrored lenses.

Ray-Ban- These sunglasses have starred in movies and been endorsed by celebrities for years, so of course they add glamour to any occasion. However, they`re also extremely practical. Their polarized lenses are designed to block reflecting light which is a valuable trait for fishermen, golfers, bikers and anyone who enjoys being outdoors.

Some of their aviator style sunglasses feature gradient lenses, which are darker at the top and gradually lighten until the color is no longer visible on the bottom. Developed for pilots, this technology makes it easier for them to see the controls while flying and still have protection from the sun. They are offered in several different gradients and in bi-gradient color combinations.

Ray-Ban offers a variety of different frame materials. Carbon Fiber is strong and light. Light Ray is light, strong and hypo-allergenic. Lite Force is durable plastic and Titanium is fifty percent lighter than regular metal or steel frames, fifty percent stronger and hypoallergenic.

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Now you can design your own sunglasses with Ray-Ban Remix Prints. You just choose the model you want, remix color and lenses, then add engraving.

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